Welcome To The Kim Konnection


My name is Kimberly and I’m a recent college/university graduate. I studied advertising and public relations, which I really loved and enjoyed. While I’m still working on getting my footing in my field, I decided to satisfy my creative urge with a blog.

See the thing is, I love creativity and creative outlets. What makes me excited is music, makeup, fashion, YouTube, movies, art, etc. Things that are customizable, personal, and sharable. Things that change the lives of others in positive ways. But I’m not a musician (I did band for two years but that’s as far as that went), I’m not a makeup or fashion guru, I’m not a YouTuber (I missed that chance in 2008, whoops), and I’m not an artist.

But I am a writer. As a PR person, writing is what I do. I don’t write books or articles, but I can write a blog and I really love to talk. So why not write a blog where I get to talk about all the creative things that I love… and do not love? Thus, I came up with The Kim Konnection. A place where I share my thoughts and opinions and allow others to do the same. Blog posts will consist of text, photos, and sometimes videos.

The Kim Konnection is meant to be a safe space and opens its web pages to all, except for those whose lives are so mundane they resort to harassing others on the internet. They can get a life honestly.

Blog posts will fall under the following categories:

  • Music
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Entertainment (Movies, Books, TV, Pop Culture, etc.)
  • Career and Life
  • Travel
  • Theme Parks
  • Other/Misc.

Here’s a Q&A that tells a little more about who I am.

  1. What is your name? Kimberly.
  2. How old are you? 22.
  3. Where are you from? Florida.
  4. Where do you live? Florida.
  5. Favorite place(s) to shop? H&M and Target.
  6. Favorite movie? Titanic.
  7. Favorite band? As Tall As Lions.
  8. Favorite YouTuber? This is a long list, but Patricia Bright and Carrie Hope Fletcher.
  9. Favorite makeup brand? NYX.
  10. Favorite makeup item? Eye shadow.
  11. What are you? Haitian-American.
  12. Favorite item of clothing? Sweaters.
  13. How would you describe your fashion sense? Imagine going to a the 1975 concert and then going to brunch the next day. It’s all over the place really.
  14. Favorite TV shows? Misfits and Lost.
  15. PC or Mac? Apple all day.

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But yes, welcome to The Kim Konnection and I hope you enjoy it!

(P.S.: Try to keep your negative energy to yourself please ).