Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well. My mini “back-to-school” series is coming to a close, so I decided to end things with this helpful post filled with tips and tricks for college! Let’s have a chat, shall we?

Helpful Tips: 

1.) Get Involved – This is a great way to meet people and to explore your interests. It may seem awkward at first, but most colleges have groups and clubs for just about anything. It’s all a matter of finding that is right for you. There’s no harm in going to a meeting just to see if you like it or if the club is for you.

2.) Don’t Buy Books From The Campus Bookstore – Save yourself some money and buy books from places like Amazon, Textbook Solutions, Chegg, etc. These places often sell used books, new books and books for rent that are way cheaper than the prices offered at your school bookstore. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2791

3.) Go At Your Own Pace, But FOCUS – College can be very difficult, so it is important to protect your sanity and go at your own pace. However, do not forget to focus because you’re (most likely) in school for a reason and that reason is education.

4.) Try To Make Friends In Your Classes – Support systems are great, especially in class. I know it sounds very awkward and scary, but try to make friends in your classes. This will allow you all to support each other (via study sessions, tutoring, etc.) when class gets tough. Don’t know how to break the ice? Ask them how they thought the quiz or test went. Or ask them how they did on the homework. Start small!


5.) Enjoy Yourself – College is the time to explore who you are as a person and to find out what you like and don’t like. So get out there, and enjoy yourself. Getting out of your comfort zone can be awkward, trust me, I’ve been there. But you’ll never know how much you like or dislike something until you try!

6.) Get A Laptop – This is self-explanatory tbh.


7.) Come Prepared – Do you know what happens when one person in the classroom forgets their scantron? Everyone else feels uncomfortable because it’s so mortifying for that person. Don’t be that person. Bring your school supplies.

8.) Don’t Be The Messy Roommate – This is just gross tbh. I know some people just aren’t clean and that’s fine, but if you’re living with other people please try to make an effort. I guarantee that if you’re the messy roommate your name is being slandered up, down, and sideways. Try and be clean OK, please?


9.) Be Patient – It’s going to take time to establish yourself in your major, it’s going to take time to make long-lasting friends, it’s going to take time to use the communal shower, it’s going to take time to get lunch when the line is long. Remain patient.

10.) Remember that you’ll be fine – There will be times where college tries your life and it will make you want to scream. When this happens, just remember that it’ll all be over eventually and you will be fine.


Well everyone, those were my 10, very basic, tips for college. Thank you all for reading and watching, I’ll catch you later this week in my next post. Lots of love xx