My Top 5 Most Embarrassing High School Moments.

Hello everyone!! I hope you are all well, and if you’re not well then get ready to have a laugh because this post is about to be ridiculous. In honor of people going back to school this August and September, I have decided to do a mini, 3-post back to school series. To kick things off, I’ve decided to start with my Top 5 Most Embarrassing High School Moments. There was a lot to choose from (sadly), but I these were the ones that made my cringe the most. And it’s in the form of a video so you just get to listen to me expose my shame for 10 minutes. Enjoy!!

Moments mentioned in the video (plus some high school photos): 

1.) Slipping and falling outside of my house in front of a large portion of my junior (11th grade) class.


2.) Throwing up at my friend’s graduation party.

An actual photo of me at that graduation party

3.)  Having food thrown at me in the lunch room, whilst I was stood on a table in plain sight.


4.) Falling and seemingly hitting my head on the wall in my physics class.


5.) Being late to class, resulting in my heaving to sprint across campus and almost die when I finally made it to class.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my embarrassing trip down memory lane. Let me know if you have any embarrassing school moments and we can cry together haha. Thank you for watching and reading, I’ll catch you in my next post. Lots of love xx


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