Summer Thrift Store Haul.

Hello everyone, welcome back to The Kim Konnection! Today I have a bit of a haul for you all. I recently went thrifting with one of my cousins and I picked up a few goodies that I thought I would share. Let’s have a (fashion) chat, shall we?



The first item I picked up was this peachy-orange, Billabong dress from a thrift store called the Avalon Exchange (Insta). I follow them on Instagram, so I had been dying to go. I finally popped in and it was amazing. So many cute things, but the prices were a little high, not going to lie. I got this dress for $14, which compared to normal Billabong dresses, is cheap af. It’s a very comfortable, floral dress that buttons all the way down the middle. It’s perfect for warm weather and for a quick, on-the-go look. I paired it with some nude flats by Nine West and the look turned out very well (in my opinion).


UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2f10The next thing I got from the Avalon Exchange was this striped, black and grey t-shirt by Jackson, a brand that’s available at Target. It’s a men’s shirt and it’s in a size medium. It was $7 and I just really liked the way it fit and how comfortable it was. I also really love striped shirts (I know, how basic of me). I tied the shirt in the back to make it into a crop-top (it’s longer than it looks in the photo), and paired it with these high-waisted dad jeans. I also paired it with some converse high-tops. If it was a lot colder outside I would have paired this with a flannel as well. But overall I think this is a very nice, everyday t-shirt that would go with any pair of jeans or leggings.


UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2f0cAfter the Avalon Exchange, I headed over to Goodwill. I love Goodwill and it’s my go-to thrift shop and I’m a sucker for their men’s section. The first item I picked up were these dad jeans by Faded Glory. I like the high-waisted fit and the faded color of these jeans. I’m considering adding some rips in them and finding a way to fold them, so that the legs are a little tighter. I’m not a massive fan of these jeans without the folded bottom so that is a must for me. I look so 90’s in these photos, I love it.


After finding the jeans, I headed over to the shirts and found this awesome Home Sweet California t-shirt. It’s a map of California with all its cities listed. It has the same thing on the back as well and it has a compass on the bottom (you can see it in the video). I love maps, so I saw this and had to have it. I paired it with some shorts by H&M and some white vans. I do prefer this shirt to be tucked in, so I’ll probably only wear it with jeans or jean shorts.


I also got this Batman t-shirt. It’s just a regular t-shirt with the Batman logo on it, nothing special really. I want to destroy this t-shirt so that it has a bleach pattern and some holes in it. I’ve been really digging that look/aesthetic lately. Something about clothes that look like they were ran over or worn by someone on the run is just really nice hahaha. I’ll show you all the finished product once I’ve done that.



In honor of this Hangry t-shirt I picked up, I thought it was only fair to show you all my “hangry” face, I look like such a brat hahaha. This is just another regular, black t-shirt with some print on it. I’m also considering destroying this one, which is partly why I picked it up. That, and because you can never have too many black t-shirts honestly. Also, if destroying the Batman t-shirt ends up a disaster, then I have another one to try.


The last thing I got was this track jacket. For someone who rarely runs or exercises, I sure do love a good track jacket. This one is by Prospirit and it was less than $5. It’s just a plain, navy blue track jacket with no patches or writing on it. I’m considering adding a patch to give it more personality, but I like it. It’s comfortable and I can wear it to the gym if I ever go. It will also match with a very casual outfit, which is handy.


Well everyone, that’s the end of my thrifting haul. I thought it was only fair to end it with a photo of me pretending to be tired after doing exercise in my new track jacket haha. Thank you for reading and watching the YouTube video, because you did that right? Of course you did. I’ll see you all in my next post, lots of love xx

Special thanks to Cristina for taking these photos & for filming my cutaways. Also, thank you to MarQueis for doing my lovely hair.

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