Weekend Getaway: My Trip To Boston, MA.

Hello everyone! I am back from a weekend vacation in Massachusetts and I had such a nice time! I came back to the sunshine state feeling very sleepy and tranquil haha. It’s always nice to get away, even if it’s just for the weekend. Whilst I was there visiting my (very large) family, I got to visit the city of Boston and I took a lot of photos that I thought I would share with you all. Enjoy!



I’m starting this post off with a lovely, melanin filled selfie of my cousins (Christ, Namica, and Nashly) and I, along with a picture of the city. We had a great day on Sunday (July 16, 2017) walking around Boston Harbor and visiting the Quincy Market. There were a lot of street performers entertaining the masses and the sea delivered a well needed breeze. The market also had a Wagamama’s, which is rare af in the U.S. I was really excited to see it, even though I didn’t eat there. Next time! There was also a lot of horse drawn carriages trotting around. In case you didn’t know, horses are MASSIVE. It’s almost scary honestly, no wonder AmazingPhil fears them.



The Red Trouser Show was just one of the amazing acts we saw at the Quincy Market. These two guys were very talented with acts that consisted of juggling, handstands, acrobatic things I can’t do, and more. Shout out to Nashly for yelling the loudest hahaha.



We popped into Top Catch at Joe’s Waterfront to enjoy a mountain of nachos, some classic New England Clam Chowdah, of course, alcohol. I had the sangria pictured above and it was delicious. I couldn’t taste the alcohol, which I preferred actually. The restaurant was right on the water and I loved seeing all the boats. I also loved watching my cousin attempt to eat funnel cake whilst there was a breeze. It was a mess, but she succeeded and I applaud her.




After visiting the waterfront and the market, we headed out to Newbury Street to do some shopping. The area was so cute, I loved it! So many unique stores and restaurants. They even had a Zara, so of course I had to hit the sale. However, I exercised self control and only got one thing.


Newbury Street was also home to this amazing Fairy Shop that was Harry Potter themed. It was magical af. The store had the Harry Potter soundtrack playing in the background and was filled with replica items from the movie (so many wands). They even had a Harry Potter makeup brush set. I was in Potterhead heaven!



On Monday my cousin Melissa, my mother and myself went to Prudential center for lunch before our flight. We took the train, which I loved because public transportation is trash in Orlando. We dined at Sweetgreen for lunch, which had a variety of deliciously filling salads (great choice Melissa)! It’s always nice to visit Prudential center, there’s so much to do and the views are hard to beat.

After this we headed back to visit more family before our late night flight. I had an amazing trip and I always love visiting family, especially in the North. The vibe there is just so different from Florida and I love it. I can’t wait to go back, but I know it won’t be long.

Thank you for reading and viewing my travel pictures. I will catch you all on Friday for my next post. Lots of love xx



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