Hello people on the Internet reading this blog post, how are you? I hope you’re well! I’ve been having a lot of frustrating thoughts on driving lately, so I need to vent a little bit. Let’s have a chat, shall we?

I drive a lot in Florida. Like a lot, a lot. Everything here is incredibly far, so driving is a must, but I don’t mind… most of the time. In the beginning, driving was a challenge. I’m used to it now, but I’ll never get used to the ridiculous things people do (repeatedly) on the road that give me mild cases of road rage. Here are my top five driving pet peeves. HOPE YOU HAVE YOUR SEATBELT ON.


1.) Halt Traffic While Turning – If you’re turning into a place that’s right off the road (i.e. a shopping plaza, a driveway, McDonald’s, the drug store, etc.), you do not need to slow down to 5 mph, and stop, to do so. What are you doing? You’re turning, not parking. Slow down a little and go for it! There is no need for the people behind you to STOP just because you’re turning. That’s trash. Unless there’s a car in your way, turn reckless and get it over with. Ain’t nobody got time fa that!



2.) Braking To Go Into A Turning Lane Without A Signal – When you break in the middle of the road without a signal or any indication of what you’re doing/where you’re going, then you are going to confuse some people. And in my case, you might even make them just a littlee bit angry. Where you’re going might be obvious to YOU, but to others, not so much. So, if you’re going to break (and halt traffic) to get into another lane or into a turning lane, then please use your signal to help us understand the method to your madness, because right now you just look like an annoying jerk who doesn’t know how to drive.


3.)  Not Using A Signal At All – I mean honestly, this should upset everyone, and if it doesn’t upset you, then what’s wrong with you? Your signal is there for a reason, use it. I understand forgetting once or twice, but blatantly neglecting it every time you drive is basically criminal and very offensive.


4.) Making A U-Turn A Little Too Close – People do this ALL the time and it’s terrifying. There are people who have to make a U-Turn, but decide to do it 5 seconds before I pass where they are… While I’m flying down the road at 50 mph. Why they couldn’t just wait till after I passed by, I don’t know. Instead, they want to be reckless and risk it. I would commend them on their bravery but I’m too busy fuming about their stupidity.



5.) Driving Slow In The Left Lane – Most people know that the left lane is reserved for the speed demons on the road and those attempting to get into a left turning lane. Now what I don’t understand is why some people feel that it’s necessary to drive in the left lane when they drive like snails. If someone wants to go the speed limit (or god forbid below it), then they should be in the right lane because the left lane is not the place to do that! I’m tireddddd of going 70 mph when the speed limit is 70 mph and hugging some cars ass when I do so. Please, just take the hint and move. And on the reverse side, those who hug a car’s ass when they’re going 10 above the speed limit need to relax. I’m not going to jail for you (but luckily I have no shame in driving fast in the right lane so I’ll move over for these impatient law breakers).


Well folks, those are just five of the many, many pet peeves I have about driving. What bothers you when you’re driving? Do you even drive? Bless you city slickers and your fantastic public transportation. Thank you all for listening to me complain and I’ll have a new post (and a VIDEO) on either Friday or Saturday. I’ll catch y’all later, lots of love xx