On May 5, 2017, I went to Playlist Live Orlando for the first time in my life. Unfortunately, I was only able to go to the Kick-Off Extravaganza hosted by Daniel Howell and Phil Lester, but I still went. Before we get started, check out this video about the awkward experience I had there.

For those of you who do not know, Playlist Live is a YouTube convention similar to VidCon where they do meet and greets with different creators, performances, panels, workshops, etc. Everyone gathers at a really nice hotel in tourist Orlando and they just enjoy the company of their fellow YouTube lovers and their favorite creators. For creators it’s work, but it’s the best work because it’s filled with sunshine and their biggest fans.

I would have purchased a ticket and went to the entire Playlist Live event, but it was taking place the weekend of my graduation and that understandably took priority.

As I waited in line for the doors to open, I met a friend. We bonded over both attending UCF and our favorite YouTubers. We were both alone so we also bonded over that, it was nice. We parted ways when we were split into zones but I hope she enjoyed the rest of her time!

After being seated in the waiting room, I got to listen to all the fun conversations around me, which primarily centered around Dan and Phil. I’m not a serious fangirl myself, I went to the event for the mad bants, but I understand why a lot of people are and it was actually really nice to see how many people have made good friends and find happiness in fandoms.

I waited for hours in the waiting room, like literally 3 hours, but the time finally came to move into the actual event room. When the event started there was an immediate deafening applause from the audience, filled with screams and loud commentary on Daniel’s attire.


I’m not going to recap the show but I will say that it was great and I loved it. And holy hell do people love Thomas Sanders and Dodie! I don’t blame them though, those two are friendship goals if I ever did see any and they’re so damn talented.


After the show concluded I struggled to find a bar. It was Cinco de Mayo so I wanted a drink to celebrate and to help process the wonderful madness I had just witnessed. This is where things got interesting.

I met these three women who were there with their daughters (see the video above for details on that). As they sat down at my communal table we got to chatting and one of them asked me “So what’s the big deal about this event? Can you explain this to me? Why does my daughter love YouTubers so much?!” And that ladies and gentlemen, is why I’m writing this long ass blog post.


Playlist Live is filled with people trying to learn more about the YouTube industry, people trying to push their channels and connect with others, and people just there to have a good time and meet their favorites. But why are these people so fawned over? Why does Susan’s daughter love Swoozie so damn much?!


Because these YouTubers put themselves and/or their talent on the internet for people to see and then people do the following things:

A.) Relate to them

B.) Laugh

C.) Enjoy the song and listen to it repeatedly

D.) Feel Happy and inspired

E.) Get over and/or past something

F.) Other

Watching these YouTubers gives fans a positive feeling. Then these fans go and connect with creators on other social media platforms and when they get replies from their favorite creators, that feeling skyrockets. And then they connect with other people who also love that person and next thing you know, they have a new friend. In addition, some people are really struggling with life right now and a simple YouTube video could make all the difference to them. For some, it’s a ray of positivity in a world of negativity. And it’s a really beautiful thing because these YouTubers have the ability to make so many people happy with their videos and they’re doing it.


Not only are they doing it and it makes their fans happy, but they’re doing it and it makes them happy. Like how lucky are we, as fans, that what makes our favorite YouTubers happy is standing in front of a camera? PRETTY DAMN LUCKY. And then they go to events like Playlist Live or VidCon and give their fans a chance to see them in person, which is all many fans could ever ask for.

So to answer Susan’s question: These people are fawned over because they create something that makes your daughter happy and because she enjoys watching her favorites play the ukulele. Why exactly does it make people happy and feel positively? It’s different for each person, but that’s what it does and happiness is something to be chased.


I don’t know if all of that made sense, but I felt really inspired to write this because listening to people scream their heart out and sing along during this event just made me so happy? Like look at all these happy people connecting and living and thriving because these people decided to pick up a camera and record themselves.

After answering Susan’s question, she and her mom friends understood the event a lot better and then I proceed to explain to them the Advertising and Public Relations aspect of Playlist Live because that’s what I do. If you want to hear more about my interactions with Susan and her friends, please check out the video above!


I loved Playlist Live. It was hectic and filled with a lot of waiting, but I loved it and I’m glad it’s a thing. I’m glad it gives people a chance to connect with those who make them smile and make their lives a little brighter. There is no such thing as too much brightness.

I think that’s a good note to leave this blog on and I hope to attend Playlist in 2018. Maybe I’ll actually go to a meet and greet or something, but I think I’m far too awkward for that.


P.S: Playlist Live – If you’re reading this (I doubt it) and you need a PR person willing to work her ass off for a wonderful three day event, let me know! I would be honored and beyond willing (I think this would be my dream job actually).

I hope you enjoyed this post and leave a comment below about your YouTube event experiences or if you would ever attend one. Thank you all for reading and watching! Lots of love xx