My Trip To New York City & Seeing The 1975.

I never really thought of myself as a spontaneous person. I was never one to just buy a plane ticket or a concert ticket and go somewhere or to something unless I had concrete plans. Then I went to Europe and got a taste of the sweet independence that comes with traveling. I’ll put that series up in August or something, but for now let’s talk about New York City.

As you may know, I went to Pittsburgh to see the 1975. Before I purchased my ticket for that concert, I went a bit mad and purchased a ticket for another one of their shows, which just happened to be their show at Madison Square Garden (MSG) in New York City. I had just gotten into the 1975 in November/December of 2016 and listened to them quite a bit with my friends Marcus and Arianna when we went to Europe in December. In January, the band announced a show at MSG (before announcing their actual North American tour) and I was so drunk on the sweet sounds of “I Like It When You Sleep…” and their self-titled debut album, that I got tickets. One for me, one for Marcus, and one for Arianna. They were shocked that I had actually done it (waiting for presale tickets was stressful as hell), but I did and we were going.

Fast forward to May 31st and I was on a plane with Arianna ready to take on the city and see the 1975 perform their first show at MSG. A sold out show, mind you. It was beautiful and emotional. I felt so proud of them honestly. After 13 years of shows, tours, interviews, promotions, writing, recording, and being the 1975, they sold out MSG on their first try. It was really inspiring to hear Matty Healy talk about it during the show and emotional af to hear them play my favorite song by them, FallingForYou.

It’s an end of an era for them, but it was a damn good era and they did the damn thing. God bless the 1975 and I cannot wait to see what’s next for them. It was definitely worth the trip to NYC (one of my favorite cities) and I had a glorious time.

I vlogged the entire trip so here’s that:


And here are some photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you for reading, viewing and watching. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, follow my blog and I’ll catch you next time. Lots of love and I love New Yo xx



  1. Ah a fellow The 1975 fan!! I wish I had the chance to see them at MSG!! I’m a bit (massively) obsessed with them, I’ve seen them nearly 20 times since they started. Matty is such an inspiring and pure human being and I think that reflects in their music. So lovely to read about your experience and views on them… My favourites are fallingforyou (snap!), milk and Paris but I honestly love every song from them. An era has ended but I’m sure exciting things are to come! I was lucky enough to meet the band at a signing in Oxford street when their second album came out. I also randomly met Matty on his own in London before the second album and he was lovely as ever!

    Fiona jane x

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    1. I would love to see them a bunch of times super casually, like at small venues and all that. I wish I could have seen them before they got “big”. But I’m so glad you love them!! They’re honestly one of my favorite bands and I would see them several more times, hopefully I will. And you got to meet them!! And matty!! Bless Matty Healy, I bet he was an absolute gem. My favorite songs by them are definitely FallingForYou, If I believe You, and Girls. I know Girls is cliche but it was one of the first songs that made me stop and go “okay I can rock with this”. I could talk about them for ages and this comment made me so happy hahahaha. Be sure to check out the vlog, it has a lot of footage of them performing at MSG 🙂


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