Hello all, welcome back to The Kim Konnection! Today I have a post about my trip to Gatorland Florida, which is basically a nature zoo thing with lots of gators and other animals to look at. I went on May 30, 2017 with my friends Kiersten and Frankie, and it was GLORIOUS. Oh my goodness, I loved it.

So many massive alligators and crocodiles just chilling and minding their own business. They also had big cats, birds, shows, ziplining (didn’t do that), and lots of other things. It was very nice, very hot and very Florida. I vlogged the trip so I’ll include that, plus some photos, below. Enjoy!!

Gatorland Vlog:


Photos (I look super sweaty in the selfies):

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Thank you all for reading and viewing, I hope you all enjoyed and I’ll talk to you soon. Lots of love xx