My 5 Favorite New Fashion Pieces for Summer.

In Florida, the heat is relentless—all the time. And the only thing worse than how high the temperatures get, is how long the heat lasts. Florida two seasons: summer and fall. Summer lasts from March to October and fall last From November to February. Sounds weird right? I know. But the point I’m trying to make is that it is now summer and it’s fucking hot outside. To officially ring in Florida’s favorite season, which technically starts on June 21, I’ve picked up some cute fashion bits to get me through the heat.



Franco Sarto Sandals – These are brown sandals with a chunky heel and I love them! They’re so comfortable and the heel is really sturdy so I don’t feel like I’m struggling to walk in them. They’re also a good height as well. I wore these on my graduation and I didn’t trip on stage so that also is a really big plus. In addition, these fit really well on my narrow feet. Usually when I wear sandals that are strappy like this they’re too loose because my feet are just really slim and long, but these fit perfectly! I picked them up from Stein Mart and they’re in a size 9.5. You can purchase them by clicking here.



Angie Pants – These pants are SO comfortable. Since it’s really hot outside, I wanted a pair of pants that weren’t too tight against my legs so that when things get sweaty, my thighs won’t feel like they’re suffocating. As a result, I picked up these very loose, wide legged pants from Marshall’s. They’re navy blue with a pretty out there design on them. They pair nicely with a very simple tank top and some simple sandals. They’re extremely comfortable and airy, but they are lacking pockets so a purse is a must with these. I couldn’t find this exact pair of pants online, but you can click here to check out other pants by the brand that have a similar style but different designs.




Steve Madden Sandals – Sandals are a summer must. I picked up these Steve Madden ones from TJ Maxx. I love how simple they are and how the little metal circles on the front strap adds a little extra, but it’s not overwhelming. I also really like that they fit my narrow feet without being too loose. Because of its basic style, this sandal is the perfect match to almost any summertime outfit including shorts, sundress, or patterned pants like the ones above. You can purchase these sandals on Amazon by clicking here


Guess Sunglasses – I’m not a massive fan of sunglasses, mainly because I’m a fulltime eye glass wearer who is too much of a wimp to get contacts (fight me). As a result, I should probably get prescription sunglasses, but I honestly cannot be arsed to do that because I’m lazy. So this summer I’ve decided to say screw it and embrace the blurry by purchasing a pair of sunglasses that I will hopefully not lose. I got these Guess sunglasses from TJ Maxx for $15. They’re black with a little bit of gold on each side and have a nice cat eye style. I couldn’t find these exact glasses online, but here’s a pair that’s similar in both style and price.



H&M Shorts – H&M literally suckered me into buying shit on their website with an email that basically was like “we miss you, have a coupon.” Honestly, that is the best form of advertising ever, but it also helps that I’m a massive lover of H&M. It’s my favorite store and on almost a daily basis, at least one of my outfit pieces is from H&M. ANYWAYS, now that I’ve professed my love for the company, let’s talk about what I got. I got two pairs of shorts, both in classic denim blues. One pair is ripped and one is just a regular plain pair of shorts. I don’t own many shorts, surprisingly. My legs are really thin so I always thought they looked a bit odd on me, but I’m embracing them now and plan to actually go outside this summer, so shorts it is! Although these aren’t high waisted, they fit that way on me and cut off well above mid-thigh. I’ve worn both pairs several times already and I love them! You can check these shorts out on H&M’s website by clicking here for the ripped pair (top) and here for the regular pair (bottom).


What fashion pieces have you picked up for summer? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading! Lots of love xx




  1. I hate the heat – I live in the UK and summer here is bad enough when we get the odd week or 2 of above 26 degrees Celsius in London. We’re not used to it and it can get stifling – especially at night when it’s so uncomfortable to sleep and no houses have air conditioning! I honestly couldn’t imagine living anywhere like Florida – I bet it’s beautiful but I couldn’t hack the heat at all! All these pieces are lovely though, I especially love the first set of shoes! 😍 X

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  2. Yeah the heat can be a struggle if you’re not used to it, I’m used to it and it’s still a struggle haha. I don’t know how you all do it without AC though! I’m glad you liked the post, the first pair of shoes are my favorite as well 🙂


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