I know my graduation post just ended up being a sob-fest about how I loved college and made friends, but I did take some photos in honor of graduation so here they are! I wanted these photos to be in places that meant a lot to me when I was in school, so a lot is just me posing in places where I used to sit for hours in between classes. Enjoyyyy!



This photo is in the student union – spent a lot of time on the 3rd floor wishing people would stop talking so loudly about video games.



This one is outside of the bookstore/Starbucks on campus – I spent a lot of time here after getting free venti-sized waters from Starbucks, which weren’t always free (bullshit really). But this is my “I have five online assignments due in one day, fml” face.



I took this on the grassy, yard area on campus where everyone would tailgate during football season. Good times and god bless the tailgate.


Here’s me at the ATM on campus pretending to withdraw money because I did that quite a bit during college. Good times.


Here’s me on the top of my favorite parking garage, rejoicing over all the empty parking spaces. I would always park on the roof because I was too much of a wimp to park anywhere else, but I just told myself it was because walking up and down four flights of stairs was exercise. I also didn’t want to participate in the popular past-time that was battling for parking, but eventually I caved and turned out to be pretty shit at it.

These were taken in front of the communications building because I’m a communications major and all that. Cliché af.


This one is in front of construction on campus because there’s so much of it in Orlando. Not just on campus, but everywhere. Welcome to the reality of Orlando that doesn’t consist of Mickey Mouse!


And my favorites, me at Lazy Moon. Really good pizza, really big slices, and really cheap prices. Honestly, it’s cheap as hell. Lazy Moon kept me alive during college and will probably keep me alive after college. Much love to this place.


All photo credit goes to my brother, Harryson Thevenin (Twitter and Instagram).

Thank you all for viewing some of my graduation photos and I hope you enjoyed them. How did your graduation photos turn out? And if you haven’t graduated yet, any brilliant photo ideas in mind? Leave a comment and let me know! Thank you again for reading and I’ll see you next time! Lots of love xx